• Agile Transformation is happening mainly in IT and hasn't yet reached the Business

  • Going fully agile is challenging and sticking with waterfall is not an option Leaving many stuck in a Hybrid Approach

  • Agile Development is more successful than waterfall

  • Satisfaction with the agile way of working is high with the transformation is low

  • Leadership and culture are the main success factors. Yet focus is on Processes over People

  • Team Accountability needs to be improved
    But decentralisation of decisions is too hard for many

Focus of Transformation

Everybody is talking about the fact that an agile transformation is about culture. But in practice the focus is increasingly on processes and methods.

Focus of Transformation

Leadership Behaviour

While many say that their leadership behaviour has changed, they don't think the same of their superior's.

Leadership Behaviour


  • Waterfall fights back and is becoming more agile

  • Easy to start with, Kanban is a rising star just don't ask about WIP limits

  • Agile frameworks focus on IT, there is no established solution for the Business

  • Everyone wants cross-functional teams, yet T-shaped remains elusive

  • With agile come new roles Coaching beats command & control

  • Stable Product Teams are more productive than temporary project teams

Adoption of Agile

Agile is prevalent in Development and has been adopted to some extent in Quality Assurance. Operations is slowly catching up.

Adoption of agile

Has your role changed with Agile?

About 2 thirds say that their role has changed because of the introduction of Agile.

Role changed with agile

Product Engineering

  • Product Engineering, the link between Business and IT, is a Key Success Factor for Agility

  • 2/3 are not satisfied with Product Engineering activities
    There is ample room for improvement

  • Use of the MVP Concept has spread but MVP is often misunderstood or misused

  • Without a clear Vision even an agile approach cannot save you

  • The role of the PO is becoming more popular extending beyond the original definition in the agile team

  • Only a few question the Value for the Business or end users

Satisfaction with Product Engineering

The overall level of satisfaction with Product Engineering activities is just average. Over 40% of respondents are satisfied with Delivery.

Satisfaction Product Engineering

Elicitation Techniques

Interviews / Surveys are the most popular technique, followed by Workshops and User Stories.

Elicitation Techniques

Testing & DevOps

  • As 40% use a hybrid approach Agile Testing is not that Agile

  • Acceptance Criteria are more and more being used as a starting point for Testing

  • 0nly 31.8% are confident they tested enough before deployment

  • Early Involvement a key success factor, even more so in agile, often does not happen

  • Many talk about DevOps few have implemented it fully or have much experience

  • There is still much Manual testing as test automation efforts often fall short of expectations

Confidence before Deployment

Most respondents think they could have spent more time on testing and debugging, while just over 30% think they deliver good quality.

Confidence before Deployment

DevOps Organization

Compared to last year, there has been a shift away from Dev teams taking over Ops tasks, to Ops employees being loaned to Dev teams.

DevOps Organisations

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